review : MILANI baked blush & Real Technique kabuki brush duo

hey guys its been too late im write review about milani baked blush luminoso colour, because i already have many times using it.. oh no,maybe 3times?4times?
but its really good.. i recommended this baked blush for you!!
it because i have sensitive skin, if its not match with my skin ,it will easy to get pimples ,since its really hard for me to choose any product from drugstore.
some youtubers told me its was amazing blush for any skin types.. in my country its really hard to finded..i have already ordered with online shop, this product is from usa

i like it because:
- smell it! thats smell like something sweet ,vanilla? milk? its really sweet
-its has a free blush brush inside the packaging
-it has shimmer, with peachy colour.. its good for asian white face.

i dont like it because:
-dont have mirror..
-i  dont know.. i love this product

cost : its about IDR 135.000 at MOOISHE

you see that?
its peach colour (luminoso)
and it has shimmer
and i ordered with 
Real Techniques makeup brushes by samantha chapman
in kabuki brush duo,
what is that?
its kabuki round brush,and it has 2 style, so you dont need contour brush and blush brush
its duo!! yeeeeeeeeey!

open it! it can be contouring flat brush~

it has a hidden magnets in the middle its easy to open it and close it, and it safe,
blush? its reallllyyyyy fluffy and soft.. you see that? touch it!

and this is the result i use milani baked blush and real techniques blush for application
if you have any recommendation lemme know^^