gothic makeup project : vampire look

its 12.32 AM in jakarta right now, i was thinking to upload my gothic makeup, its lil bit scary ..?
i have a request project for gothic photoshoot, and i was the photographer and makeup artist,
and for editing too.. big thanks for 3 beautiful models yang udah sabar nungguin makeup satu2 dan foto satu2, dan thanks juga buat temen2 yang uda bantuin foto juga
so here it is!

for regina face i use red eyeshadow and wing eyeliner and for under eyes i put black and red eyeshadow for more dramatic ,and i use bronzer for cheekbones ,and put limecrime glamour 101 red lips and put black eyeshadow for ombre effect.

for stephanie face, i do red and black eyeshadow and put cat eyeliner,and contour her cheekbones and put very nude lipstick or you can tried with lips base primer (because its white) and inside lips put red lip tint i use bloody marry red colour

for okta face, i use dark purple,black and maroon on her crease, and put bronzer and highlight on her cheekbones and put lime crime glamour 101 red lipstick and black for ombre effect

im sorry i cant photo the tutorial because the situation, but i have a little behind the scene, so here we go~


big thanks for stacey vanessa who help me to do models hair, and you seee that? its my face without makeup and its candid LOL ..

done! comment and let me know if you like this post or if you have some critics or if you have some question ^^ thanks for reading!!