review schwarzkopf freshlight in sweet apricot hair colour

hello since it was so long im not give you a makeup review because i was had a bad skin yesterday, so i decided to off my blog and start to full treatment in 2 weeks.. siapapun ga akan mau punya muka rusak kan? karena muka aku bener2 uda cukup banyak jerawat pada saat itu entah karna faktor makan atau kurang tidur.

soo and todaay i want to share you about my experience hair colour
im using schwarzkopf.. is a really hard to spell.. "swarkof?" and hard to type..
anyway..thats a really good product i think
this colour is light brown with orange.. they will give u 5 tools..
1.the colour
2.some product that you should mix it with the colour
3. freshlight after youre colouring.. its like a conditioner
4.hands gloves
5. haircomb bottle cap, for easy application because that colour will turn out from the bottle and yeah easy to apply like combing hair

first open the colour pasta and place in the bottle no.2 close it with original cap.. mix it, shake shake shake.... to mix it well..
second change the original cap into haircomb bottle cap
push the bottle..the will came out and youre easy to apply

but fitst.. is like being professional like salon. separate your hair into 5 piece.. 
jepit bagian rambut aatas..kanan kiri.. belakang.. dan bawah tengah.. karena sangat bagus untuk memulai cat rambut dari bawah dahulu biar tidak belang

dont forget to protect your clothes with towel

*apply section*
apply and left if for 30minutes ..take a shower.. after that use the product no.3 afterlight..and rinse

sorry because my hair is dirty i cant take a self picture

after 30minutes
with flash

and tadaa...
this is the result.. because my hair was really black, this is the result.. not really orange.. if i colouring for second times, or 3 times.. it would be like colour in the box..
and im so happy with the result because my hair is not become so damage after colouring..

^^ have a great weekend