Monday, April 28, 2014

review: SLEEK I-divine sunset palette

oww hallow blogger..
so today i want to share my review about sleek i divine sunset palette
this is my first time buy this product, quite cheap, its about IDR 160.000 and you can get 12 eyeshadow colours.
sleek has soooo many eyeshadow palette series and i choose this one is because, they have beautiful colour like peach,orange,aqua blue, isn't it?

the colour is not really pigmented ,but its a really good deal pallete, cheap and you can use this colour for everyday makeup..

ukurannya terbilang cukup tipis: sekitar 12cm x 6cm maybe if im not wrong
and they have a huge mirror.. its good for travel..and they have sponge brush,but i dont care its useless 

and this my sleek makeup tutorial :

uhhhh im sorry for editing no 4!.. i mean not "tulang pipi" but.."bagian tengah mata hingga ujung kelopak mata"
sorry im just blank LOL 

done! and this is my photo after using sleek i-divine sunset palette
oh hello its lil bit different with my teeth! gw uda lepas kawat setelah dokter memperbolehkan lepas kawat yeeeey..SMILE! *beauty is pain with braces*

sleek i-divine sunset pallete at MOOISHE

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