be BOLD with Purple and blue makeup

hellow sunny day,
 today i want so show you my makeup 
purple and blue~ tadaaa...
it looks like fantasy maybe or fairytale ..but i really love the combination, 
grape purple and electric blue are so amazing
i have the inspiration on youtube
and i remake it and combine with my own style

so here we go the tutorial, i use indonesian language because 
oh "damn i love indonesia" lol
some people ask me why im not use english? why my blog is full indonesian language? hey! so why you prefer english language? if youre indonesian people, it really easy to read our language right? you can understand all my makeup steps 
dont be shame, indonesia is great 
and last.. my blog is not full with indonesia language, half.. 
we are not discuss about indo language.. but makeup LOL back to topic

so here is the step making a purple and blue fantasy eye makeup

lips : pink  max factor X lipfinity

it really simple right?? tried now!
and lemme know if youre have a question. share and comment ^^ i hope you enjoy to read my blog

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