first post

saturday, sept 28 ,2013

hello guys ! this is my first time using blog. its kindda weird for the first time. this photo has been taken with my bestie in evening last week in our studio. we are the visual design colleger..actually we are doing a project for experiment creative class. its really fun..
hmm..just thinking what should i write in my blog ..because it was a first time and i have no idea.. :(

this is the detail what i wear las week for our experiment creative , i use my hiphop nike shoes ,thats pretty cute, and i use chocolate hair wig and leopard headbands ,i want to make my style looks so playful and cherish , i sit in the rooftop and my friend took the picture,that was so dangerous to stand in the rooftop but i dont care, my weigh it just 43kg, i think this not be wrecked if i sit here. but.. the rooftop do not wreck but my pants ..very dirty after sit in here...! my butt become black lol


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