Saturday, May 17, 2014

dry skin??NO is for you (review: KIEHL'S and nano spray for moisturize)

sooo it because i have many face problem a few weeks ago, i cant review makeup,i cant put makeup, oh NO!
alcohol makeup remover, makeup, my pimple is getting too muchhh..and crackyy skin..tadaaa~ dehydration skin- dry skin.. and you know, its getting hurt sometimes if im in a room with air cond.
and because of my old treatment..i dont know its containing alcohol or not,im pretty sure it has alcohol..become my face sooo dehydration..

thats my dehydration skin.. cracky! see that!!

and this is my skin after i use KIEHL'S for past 3 days.. no more dry skin
my skin become moist ,bright+glow

you see that??
so here ,
what is KIEHL's?

Kiehl's is an American cosmetics brand retailer that specializes in making premium skin, hair, and body care products. Founded as a single pharmacy in New York City's East Village in 1851, Kiehl's was purchased by the L'Oréal Group in 2000 and currently has more than 250 retail stores worldwide, and over 1000 points of sale supplemented by sales in high-end department stores, select airport locations, as well as independent stockists.

bla bla bla 
so i came to KIEHL's in senayan city mall,1st floor in sogo department store
i told the spg .."mau tanya,kulit saya kering banget,sampe kelupas,dan sakit kalo di ruangan ac,mungkin karna produk yang sebelumnya membuat kulit saya kering karna mungkin mengandung alkohol. apa produk yg bagus ya?ini produk darimana?apakah bagus?

spg jawab: "ini ada ultra moisturizer buat kulit kakak yg kita liat sangat dehidrasi,karna kulit butuh pelembab,apalagi yang suka memakai makeup, seebelum pakai makeup,pakailah moisturize untuk menahan pigmen pewarna pada bedak..
ini produk usa,dan sangat terkenal di luar bahan yg kita gunakan sangat ringan

tu baca tu! yg doyan makeup.. jangan dengan muka kosong aja pake foundation..usahakan dengan moisturizer selalu

its like milk and not too oily ..its good for oily and dry skin,

KIEHL's mengandung Almond oil untuk melembutkan wajah and  formulated for all skin types with squalen, vitamin A and E

here is CC like water,and no fragrance

dan ini ada free trial buat produk yg lain, dikasih serum cleary corrective untuk menghilangkan merah2 di wajah akibat bekas jerawat yg membandel
i reccomended this cleary corrective.. it really works for me!! and this CCdarkspot solution treatment is temporally used.. its only if you have reddish pimples or dark spot. you dont need to use everyday if you dont have
and UV cream from KIEHL's its absolutely good.. its SPF 50++
it means 50times longer before you start to burn.. 500minutes under sun it means 8hours??

and this is NANO SPRAY
what is nano spray,??
jadi ini adalah kecanggihan teknologi jaman kini, gatau berasal darimana dan mengapa begini..
ini elektronik yang mengubah air O2 jadi spray wajah
bisa di refil (ada wadah air di dalam)
dan air ini harus diisi dengan air mineral yang 90 persen mengandung oksigen
you can found in any supermarket, O2 mineral bottle
then spray it!

FEEL IT!! FEEL... ~ 

it feels like: cool, fresh, its like water came out my face so gently and refresh your hectic day, really..
maybe some people have stressed because have many assignment..or dateline or deadline.. makes your skin become old,and depressed.. and this is the solution tadaaa...~
did you know?consume O2 water everyday can makes your skin younger and bright.. some people said O2 water is bitter, hell..its healthy dude.. 

and done^^
its my little review how to survive from dry and dehydration skin..
no more cruchy more ugly face..
* i have review because i tried and if its good i will make a review,if not, im not make review, it because i already review this product it means its good really good for a sudden attack bad skin like me..
jadi yang tiba2 bisa punya masalah kering,jgn kawatir, beli nano spray dimana, minum o2 water everyday and use KIEHLs moisturize..done..

price: KIEHL's moisturize IDR 340.000 or £15.50
nano spray : IDR 1,xxx,xxx

Sunday, May 11, 2014

review : MILANI baked blush & Real Technique kabuki brush duo

hey guys its been too late im write review about milani baked blush luminoso colour, because i already have many times using it.. oh no,maybe 3times?4times?
but its really good.. i recommended this baked blush for you!!
it because i have sensitive skin, if its not match with my skin ,it will easy to get pimples ,since its really hard for me to choose any product from drugstore.
some youtubers told me its was amazing blush for any skin types.. in my country its really hard to finded..i have already ordered with online shop, this product is from usa

i like it because:
- smell it! thats smell like something sweet ,vanilla? milk? its really sweet
-its has a free blush brush inside the packaging
-it has shimmer, with peachy colour.. its good for asian white face.

i dont like it because:
-dont have mirror..
-i  dont know.. i love this product

cost : its about IDR 135.000 at MOOISHE

you see that?
its peach colour (luminoso)
and it has shimmer
and i ordered with 
Real Techniques makeup brushes by samantha chapman
in kabuki brush duo,
what is that?
its kabuki round brush,and it has 2 style, so you dont need contour brush and blush brush
its duo!! yeeeeeeeeey!

open it! it can be contouring flat brush~

it has a hidden magnets in the middle its easy to open it and close it, and it safe,
blush? its reallllyyyyy fluffy and soft.. you see that? touch it!

and this is the result i use milani baked blush and real techniques blush for application
if you have any recommendation lemme know^^

Friday, May 9, 2014

gothic makeup project : vampire look

its 12.32 AM in jakarta right now, i was thinking to upload my gothic makeup, its lil bit scary ..?
i have a request project for gothic photoshoot, and i was the photographer and makeup artist,
and for editing too.. big thanks for 3 beautiful models yang udah sabar nungguin makeup satu2 dan foto satu2, dan thanks juga buat temen2 yang uda bantuin foto juga
so here it is!

for regina face i use red eyeshadow and wing eyeliner and for under eyes i put black and red eyeshadow for more dramatic ,and i use bronzer for cheekbones ,and put limecrime glamour 101 red lips and put black eyeshadow for ombre effect.

for stephanie face, i do red and black eyeshadow and put cat eyeliner,and contour her cheekbones and put very nude lipstick or you can tried with lips base primer (because its white) and inside lips put red lip tint i use bloody marry red colour

for okta face, i use dark purple,black and maroon on her crease, and put bronzer and highlight on her cheekbones and put lime crime glamour 101 red lipstick and black for ombre effect

im sorry i cant photo the tutorial because the situation, but i have a little behind the scene, so here we go~


big thanks for stacey vanessa who help me to do models hair, and you seee that? its my face without makeup and its candid LOL ..

done! comment and let me know if you like this post or if you have some critics or if you have some question ^^ thanks for reading!!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

think RED

red lips?? why not?!
today i want to focus on my lips, not too much eyeshadow ,im only create shadow on my crease,
and countouring for more dramatic looks
and this is my simple OOTD with my red lips :)

sorry for this one, bad resolution.. 
blending my crease with dark brown
and i used sigma blending brush E25, I reccomended this *loveit
and put wing eyeliner
 bold eyebrow
and contouring your cheeks
put eyelashes, and done!

kenapa gw pake cara ini? lipstik merah itu susah bgt di aplikasikan, bisa terlalu menor kalau salah aplikasi, jadi untuk pipi, tulang pipi lebih bagus di tonjolkan jadi kesan tirus atau lebih dramatic gitu,nah kalo buat mata, kenapa simpel banget? yap karena fokus sama tulang mata kalian, not too much makeup right?, dan alis,coba kesan thick and bold, but not too bold dear.. 
aplikasi wing eyeliner dengan gel liner untuk kesan cat eyes

i use false eyelashes from kai , i found in seibu departmen store at grand indonesia ,jakarta

LIPS: glamour 101- LIMECRIME Opaque Lipstick
CHEEKS: baked blush luminoso - Milani Baked Blush
bronzer: powder blush in harmony - M.A.C cosmetics
concealer and highlight : concealer jar in porcelain - NYX full coverage

 comment and +1 if you like! byee... *randomface*